Please help im selling a used pc on ebay and i need to delete personal data for free.


My advise to you having been a free lance contractor for intelligence agencies, is that you remove your HDD, and sell him the PC, without the HDD. Not all that much money for the buyer to purchase his on HDD. (He should understand, your privacy concerns).

No matter what any software companies tell you that they can clean your HDD, drive of all data, this is not true, even if they use bleech, gutman technique, with many write overs, etc. etc. Still any good forensic computer expert can strip the data off your HDD.

Not even a reformat will prevent any good computer expert from stripping the data off your HDD. All of the answers saying “Reformat”, is 100% wrong.

The only way to prevent a forensic expert from stripping data off your HDD, is to beat with a hammer, then it is impossible, or remove the HDD. If you remove, don’t throw in the garbage safe in your home safe or other safe place.


Are patients in need of frequent blood transfusions entitled to know the personal data of possible blood donors?

If there is not enough blood of a certain group at the hospital, is it legal to call the registered blood donors and ask them for help?


I think it goes against privacy rights and whatever… what you can do is post that you need help from donors with whatever type of blood you need, put your location and maybe you can talk to a blood bank and tell them that you are going to post, let’s say, facebook for example and ask for donors there, talk to the blood bank if is possible to have some kind of password so every person that is going to donate their blood for your cause could go for your cause only. The donors would give the password to the bank and they will know that the blood is being donated to you.

For example, if a person working in admin, with access to personal data, did a search on their database for people unrelated to their work, but did not disclose or use the data in any way. Could this be a criminal offence, and breach of data protection act, and if so what would be the likely outcome as regards the employer tracing the log on the employee’s work computer?


Primarily, I think that it’s an invasion of privacy and sheer misuse of your trust in access to such data. And if there is no reason to access such data, why the hell are you doing it and asking us on here? Your act is offensive by nature, may not be criminal, but offensive nevertheless.

What are issues related freedom of information versus personal privacy?
Such as electoral roll, phone book and street maps put together, permission to the use of e.g. photographs, videos and CCTV footage.


You need to comply with the data protection act.

A freight forwarder essentially functions as an agent involving the logistics service business and the client company. Additionally, this is accurate for Singapore freight forwarders, also it’s their job to simply help oversee the transport in their clients goods, ensuring that shipments are organized, that all shipping regulations and processes are correctly followed, and shipping files are ready and processed.

A dependable Singapore freight forwarder will probably be able to give their clients upon which their shipment will arrive in the country of destination, ensuring that everything is in order as well as in good condition, using a guaranteed time. They can provide dependable and cost effective logistics solutions for their clients through their established relationship with logistics companies.

An important function a Singapore freight forwarder provides is guidance to the most effective and cost effective way of shipment for client goods. The selection of transport, whether by land, air, or sea is essential to the general transportation process. They analyze the most effective route for the shipment of their customers and also carefully plan. In some instances, they may function as agent and carrier at the same time.

It’s extremely important that Singapore freight forwarders have continuous communication with their clients throughout the entire dispatch process. Freight forwarders will even run monitoring services among customer warehouses to ensure everything is in order. Freight also make sure that cargoes arrive safely to their final receivers.

In ensuring that cargo prices are kept at the minimum, the Singapore freight forwarder additionally attentively identifies and analyzes important variables such as the nature of the goods, shipping special conditions of clients, and source/destination. They also have to take into consideration threat and weather factors before proceeding together with the shipment. The preparation and processing of significant shipping documents like commercial invoices, shipper’s export declaration, and bill of lading is their duty too.

Singapore freight forwarders are expected to help them organize the global transport businesses of goods, since the whole logistics procedure can be too cumbersome to get a customer. Through their efforts, clients can have peace of mind knowing that their dispatches will arrive in the right time and at the right spot and are safe.

It won’t be a surprise to anyone if you decide to seek employment at an international marine job site. You will not be alone in this wish, in any case. A lot of people are looking at overseas sites just because enormous compensation packages are offered by international contractors to their own workers to get a job. And there is always a high need for skilled workers on these websites too, so they are an excellent spot to locate employment completely.

But inasmuch as international marine occupations are not highly unattractive for the amount of cash you are able to get from them, you ought not line up for one willynilly. An occupation will never be a simple one. It’s not enough that you have the readiness to do hard work; everyone who wants it does, after all. What is more important is you are qualified to perform the tasks the occupation requires.

How can you understand you are qualified to work at an offshore marine occupation? Whatever international location you apply for, you need to be trained for it. What is more, you will need to be certified for the job if necessary.

Let us say that you’re interested in working as an offshore marine electrician. For those who have the training, are you then certified to act as an electrician? Only if you have these features should you apply at the overseas site for the electrician post and proceed.

You should also consider diving lessons and becoming certified as a diver, if you are seriously interested in getting an offshore marine job. Offshore contractors’ onsite workers are wanted by they so competent divers will not be an issue in case an emergency happens at the website to be them. Working states at a foreign occupation site are delicate; as so, security standards are always followed quite strictly.

Aside from having the right skills, trainings and certifications, it is also essential that you just possess an excellent deal of patience if you want a decent offshore marine job. You will share a little and restricted space with them, and you will end up working with them on 12-hour shifts, with hardly any time for solitude or pleasure. You have if only to last the duration of your contract to be persevering.

You might not need to land work at an offshore marine site? Then do it, if you believe you’ve what it requires to work that occupation. Only remember that while the rewards of an abroad occupation are great, the occupation itself requires endurance and lots of patience.

Most of us think of it like only an ordinary spice inside the cupboard, as it pertains to the subject of turmeric. If you choose to get turmeric supplement, here are a few pointers to consider.

Any quality turmeric supplement will feature curcumin which material may make an exceptional weapon against redness also it even comes with anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-cancer qualities. Recent laboratory tests reveal that curcumin can be used to take on many types of ailments including Alzheimer disease, gallstones, arthritis, abdomen ulcers, and so on.

Before you go out to purchase turmeric supplements being sold inside the industry, you may want to inspect the label first to make sure that it actually features curcumin. It’s also wise to assess how much curcumin it comprises – higher percent means better. There are some merchandise that features as much as 95% curcumin which could be an effective ally in the fight against cancer-creating free radicals.

Be cautious when dealing with goods that have mistaking labels which will lead one to think that you’re purchasing a top quality product. Be careful with merchandise that claim to get 1000mg of curcumin but will require that you take a complete of four or more capsules to acquire this considerably.

As a way to ensure you purchase turmeric supplement which has exceptional quality, it must not contain any fillers or extenders that dilute the effectiveness of its own curcumin content. A great supplement will not have any form of artificial colorings, additives, preservatives, and sweeteners. Also, don’t be hooked in by overboard statements regarding a products effectiveness – if it’s too good to become true, it probably is.

You have to know that curcumin infusion does not get absorbed in the bloodstream easily to the oral course and due to this, you will find products that contain an additive called piperine that aids within the absorption of curcumin. The drawback here is that piperine could cause some extremely serious problems to individuals who are on medication or those who have certain health conditions.

Before making a decision to buy turmeric supplement, it’s also advisable to confirm the manufacturer is a certified organic producer. Excellence and quality should be their target all the time. To ensure that this is exactly what you’ll get, you may check if they have certifications with organizations such as the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as the Hazards and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Also, if you need to stay of the safe side, you must purchase turmeric nutritional supplement exclusively from manufacturers that are already well-known. These manufacturers are often in the business for several years already and also have gained a faithful following using their quality products. Naturally you can do some researching yourself to know more of a nutritional supplement, particularly by reading critiques created by previous consumers.

With resveratrol nutritional supplements getting this much interest as of late as a fountain of youth, it is no wonder why a lot of businesses are taking all feasible actions to profit from this. To be able to purchase resveratrol capsules which are of good quality, constantly buy them from established producers that are famous for making quality items. Choose note that each producer will offer these nutritional supplements in varying doses and purities.

It can sometimes be confusing when you’ve got so many selections to choose from in regards to resveratrol capsules, particularly when they all appear in distinct labeling and dosages. Manufacturing company each have their own marketing strategies and it’ll be your responsibility to make the best choice.

You also have to be familiar with the two kinds of resveratrol, trans-resveratrol and cis -resveratrol. Purchase only nutritional supplements that contain trans resveratrol, if you want to take advantage of the benefits that this antioxidant has to offer. Innocence is a significant factor to consider and the higher the number, the better. Supplements with a low purity value tend to include high amounts of emodin, which is a known laxative and can possibly cause some digestive problems.

A great means to differentiate pure trans-resveratrol from its less beneficial counterpart is by its colour and smell. Nutritional supplements made from transresveratrol will generally be colour white and have no scent while those made from cis-resveratrol will be dark-colored and have a strange scent. Always purchase resveratrol capsules that have an innocence certificate.

There must be no suggestion of fillers, binders, or artificial material. It would be a good idea to steer clear from nutritional supplements with so called "proprietary combinations" as these generally contain low-quality ingredients.

Should you determine to purchase resveratrol capsules any time soon, be mindful that there are many online shops that you can do business with. Keep your eyes peeled for vendors that make outrageous claims on their promotions. And while the cost is something to contemplate also, never make it your sole sway in your decision. You should be able to gauge the quality of the commodity by checking out on-line reviews and discussions about it.

You’ll certainly be happy to know that there is a method which one can lose weight while getting some caffeine fix, if you are a lover of coffee. Because the coffee you drink is produced from roasted coffee beans, what you need to be acquainted with is the variation that has not been roasted – introducing green coffee supplement. After being featured in the display of the renowned Dr. Oz, it instantly became a big sensation.

So why is green coffee bean extract so special in contrast to its normal counterpart? The matter which makes it unique is its high amount of the material called chlorogenic acid. Regular coffee beans have little to no chlorogenic acid particularly due to the process it experiences.

If you’re going to discover the type of supplements being sold on the market now, a sizeable number are made from green coffee-bean extract. Via the powers of chlorogenic acid, it will be possible to keep glucose absorption into a nadir , which means less fat absorption at the same time. It is necessary to look for a nutritional supplement that contains GCA (green coffee antioxidant) or the brand name Svetol.

The analysis performed by Dr. Oz on green coffee infusion made use of individuals who took supplements containing at least 45% chlorogenic acid. It is not known whether the efficacy would be identical if something below 45% will be used. Dosage can be anywhere from 200milligrams to 800mg.

Before making a buying decision with green coffee extract supplements, the ingredients list should be sufficiently reviewed. Be dubious of those that do not offer an ingredients list. You shouldn’t find any sort of artificial stuff or fillers also. If by any chance you observe any ingredient that seem too sophisticated, you may always lose an email or contact the producer for clarifications.

To be sure you’re purchasing quality items, make it a place to buy only from reputable manufacturers. It would really be ideal to go with manufacturers who are truly in the business of supplements and they have earned a good name from the quality of their merchandise. Make sure that you just take note of variables like customer reviews, cost, and features before you buy a supplement.

An access-control system is actually a technology that aids in controlling the entrance to an unique building, facility, or any safe area. Sectors and businesses of all kinds have included access control to be certain that simply authorized people can access restricted areas. It is really a good way of raising not just the security of an area but also too its secrecy.

Unlike physical locks, computerized access control technology is more advanced and therefore is less likely to be duplicated. Customers no longer have to create a key together and it removes the issue of having lost keys.

A more advanced access control system makes use of biometrics, in which a specific part of a person has been used as verification whether access will probably be allowed or not. Once identity has been verified, the access terminal will then release the electronic locks within the door or gate.

An access control system also helps curtail using additional manpower for guarding entry and exit points in buildings or facilities. Additionally it may be used to track the work-hours and activities of employees more precisely. Because there is not as manual work required the odds of fraud can significantly be minimized this way.

An access control system is primarily composed with three main parts along with they’re the credentials, the access controller / reader, and also the actual barrier. It is the real barrier that really prevents access to a particular region or entry/exit point. Many facilities today have doors with electronic locks while primary entrance/exit points are secured using a turnstile, all of which are managed by the access controller.

An access controller may be a standalone program where all the key information and credentials are saved inside the unit itself. Networked access controllers take advantage of a database system to confirm the credentials of the person requesting access. Credentials may be a key card, password/passphrase, key fob, or a distinctive personal feature for instance a fingerprint or retina.

In addition, there are some potential security hazards that an access-control system can encounter and one of these is tailgating. This really is when an intruder follows authorized personnel in entering a restricted region. Other hazards include door levering, lock spoofing, and hacking. It’s crucial to take these risks into thought and ensure they are correctly and timely addressed.

Additionally it is possible to link an access control system with a surveillance system so that they are able to work together in strengthening the safety of your own building or facility. That is a key element of internal control so that as few problems as possible your operations run efficiently and run into. It helps to ensure that your personnel do their work correctly and are not involved in almost any fraudulent activities.

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